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Stomach Bug

This guest post from Doris Dillon

Poor little girl has the mean old stomach bug. We are now going on day 3 of it over here. She is just so pitiful when she is sick. She doesn’t want to play, or really move out of the comfy recliner. We’ve got her a little pink bucket beside her, and there she sits all day, watching direct tv clarksville. I think we’ve watched every episode of Dora, Bob, Handy, Blue’s, Calliou, and Barney. Thank goodness she can just sit there and zone out. Bless her little heart. I can tell when she is about to be sick because she starts crying and touches her mouth, like she knows it is about to come. I get the bowel, speak softly to her telling her it’s all right, and stroke her hair. I hate that she is sick and doesn’t feel well, but it is also kinda sweet, too. Normally she is so full of energy, running around the house and outside, it’s not too often I get to cuddle up with my girl.

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