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Coupon: Save $1.00 On Any Mitchum or Mitchum for Women Product

Save $1.00 On Any Mitchum or Mitchum for Women Product

(Excludes trial size and multi-packs)

Remember you can print two per computer!


  1. My Walgreens was out of everything but the deodorant and diapers on sale. I found just 2 unscented deodorants. When I tried to use this Mitchum coupon the CSR said they don’t take those coupons and called another CSR over, she then called the manager over and all 3 proclaimed it was a Walmart coupon. I said, NO it’s a manufacturer’s coupon and pointed it out. No, it has WALMART on it, they said. They wouldn’t take my Huggies coupon either, said it didn’t have but 2 scan codes and wasn’t acceptable. I told them to give me my money back and I would be speaking to the REAL manager whenever I could. UGH!!!!
    • I am so sorry your trip was not successful!! In instances like this I would call corporate. Sometimes the Managers “think” they know what they are doing but in fact they really don’t. It’s sad actually that people who work at the stores know less about the rules then those that shop there. I hope it goes better for you …let me know what the Manager says when you end up talking to them. If the Manager doesn’t help you — call corporate – I do call them “often” because the stores by me are not “Coupon” friendly sometimes! Thanks for sharing!

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