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Vistaprint: 5 Days of FUN Indoor Activities – Day 2

Vistaprint - Snow Day Ideas

Whether it’s because the weather is too bad to go out, we are sick or our kids are sick sometimes we have to remain inside ALL DAY. I’m not sure about you but my kids can only take so much of each other before our living room becomes a battleground! Vistaprint is offering 5 days of fun and inexpensive projects to do when you are stuck inside.

Today is the second day and the deal is for premium business cards. Yes, you heard me correctly!  You can create a simple business cards with “Mom’s clues” and design a scavenger hunt or design cards with a pretty design on one side and blank on the other to have your kids create their own memory game.  There are countless ways to use these cards.  Today you can get 250 premium cards for $10 SHIPPEDOrder it today!


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