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Am I a hoarder?

Contribution by Saul Martin

My daughter thinks I have lost my mind and she is probably right. However, I am not sure I can change. It all started a few months ago when I found some great Wildblue Deals. Some might think it is no big deal, but something inside me clicked. I realized I have been spending way too much money on things for way too long. That is when the obsession started. I began following all these couponing blogs like and They have opened my eyes to all the wonderful savings available. However, it didn’t get bad until I decided I needed to start a stockpile. I started buying way more than my family needs and I think that is when my daughter starting wondering about me. I think my saving money has started to become a different problem: hoarding. I don’t want to let a sale pass. Therefore, I recently bought sixty tubes of toothpaste. My family will take a very long time to use sixty tubes of toothpaste, but I couldn’t stop myself.

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