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Sodastream Product Review – My Thoughts!

Every month our family normally goes through around eight twelve (12) packs of soda.  There is five of us and everyone of us has our favorite type of soda.  My husband likes Squirt, I like Diet Mountain Dew and my kids will drink anything.  I didn’t really stop to think how much soda actually costs us each month until I was putting together this review.  I was actually pretty surprised when I did the math.  I always look for the best deals on soda but on average I spend between $2.50 -$3.00 per 12-pack.  This adds up to around $20.00 – $24.00 per month!  Yikes!

Now the problem with buying soda is that the cost keeps rising.  Short of not drinking soda anymore (which our family can’t do) or switching to a low-cost  “generic” soda (we really don’t like the taste) we didn’t think we had too many options.   That has all changed …now there is sodastream!

We recently had the opportunity to try a sodastream home soda maker.  Originally I was a little skeptical that we could make something that tastes as good as the name brands and is less expensive at home.   But after trying sodastream soda I was pleasantly surprised.  From energy drinks to sparkling water it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the expensive name brand store-bought sodas and the high quality selection available from sodastream.

We had fun trying all the different flavors and comparing them with our “name brand” sodas.   Some of our favorites were Cola, Energy Drink and Ginger Ale.  There were a lot of other flavors that we tried like Cranberry Raspberry, Green Tea Pomegranate, Root Beer and Black Currant and Pear.  I would have to say though that our absolute favorite was the Diet Pink Grapefruit Soda!  It was a hit for everyone in our family and we all loved it.

The other great thing about sodastream is its ease of use.  There are only 3 simple steps to making soda at home. Filling the bottle with water, carbonate the water and then adding the flavoring.  It doesn’t matter whether you want sparkling water, soda or an energy drink the process is the same. In 2 minutes you are enjoying name brand quality drinks without the name brand cost.

We totally loved the sodastream product are definitely sold on the taste as well as the savings…by using sodastream we should be able to cut what we spend on soda by 50%!!  If your family is like mine and you like soda (as much as we do) then you definitely want to buy yourself a sodastream – you’ll be glad you did.

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