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BillMyParents – Teen Debit Card

Teaching kids responsibility is difficult. I know when I opened a bank account for one of my boys when he turned 16, the bank gave him a debit card — now that was a mistake!! He overdrew his account quite often!!

I won’t make that mistake with my youngest son now (15). I love the idea of a prepaid debit card that doesn’t let you overdraw your account. Finally, a way to teach the kids to spend only what they have!!

You will get a reloadable prepaid MasterCard for your teen. There are no activation fees, no overdraft fees and accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

Some of the benefits:

  • No Credit Risks or Overdraft Fees
  • Lock/Unlock Your Teen’s Card with a Simple Text
  • Monitor Purchase Alerts in Real-Time on Your Mobile Phone
  • Family or Friends Can Reload Funds

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