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Flash Giveaway – $5.00 Amazon E-Card!!


Who doesn’t love a good giveaway especially when its something you can use (or save up for a bigger item)!! Shopper’s Haul is giving away a $5.00 Amazon E-Card to one lucky reader!!! Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter Form to be entered in this giveaway!!!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Robin Kirk Murphy says:
    Probably buy a book for my kindle.
  2. diane grubbs says:
    my sons birthday is comming i will use it towards a gift for him
  3. Cristin Miller says:
    put it towards a christmas present for my great grandfather :)
  4. Kim Henrichs says:
    put it towards the Kindle I am trying to buy :)
  5. Amanda Johnson says:
    I will use toward something my family needs or a book
  6. Kimberly o says:
    I will put it towards mp3s for my hubbys ipod.
  7. Linda Sanders says:
    I would put it towards the case I am going to get for my Tablet
  8. Rachel Miller says:
    I’d add it to my Amazon account to save up for some books thruout the year :)
  9. Crystal Kelley says:
    i would use it towards a chrstmas gift
  10. holly allen says:
    I would get something extra for my kids for Christmas.. A late Xmas present :) Ty!
  11. angela dupree says:
    Use it on Christmas
  12. jody nelson says:
    could use to pay shipping to my daughters boots :) good luck yall!!!!
  13. I’d save it to use for my kids birthday. Thanks!
  14. natalie zemrose horschel says:
    I will buy a book for my kindle!
  15. Let my daughter get a book for her netbook kindle
  16. jodi lasher says:
    If i was to win i would use it toward s my coffee that i order every week….
  17. Danielle Conklin says:
    MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays to everyone!
  18. I will use it for my next textbook :) TY for another giveaway chance!


  19. Holly Thomas says:
    Add it to my account!! :)
  20. Danielle Conklin says:
    I will use it for diapers most likely! :(
  21. Well since I am done with the kid for shopping…I would probably put it towards something I would like.
  22. melissa miller says:
    i would use it to help pay for a new phone for hubby
  23. Misty Woodard Fraley says:
    Spend it on something FUN!
  24. A new book for my daughter.
  25. melissa andrade says:
    I would use it for my daughters bday right after Christmas!! : ) Thanks for the chance!!
  26. Melissa Robinson-Arezzi says:
    I will either save it to use for getting hubby a gift or I’ll give it to my friend who just got a kindle for xmas.
  27. JAVETA ACKER says:
    put it towards my hubby’s christmas present!
  28. Heather Francis says:
    I would use it for something on there but have no clue yet :)
  29. Takkea Spencer says:
    This would be great to get my toddler some winter boots. Thank you for the opportunity.
  30. Peggy Einsla says:
    I will purchase a new skin for my cell phone.
  31. Save it up
  32. John Joseph says:
    could put it toward a last mnute gift on amazon, Happy Holidays
  33. a new book for my little guys!
  34. Shawnna L. White says:
    Buy some books!
  35. I’d add it to my account. My husband needs a new phone, and i want a kindle. So it’ll go to one of those.
  36. tanya carter says:
    put it with the rest and save up for christmas presents for next year.
  37. Gena Tinnon says:
    Thanks for the giveaway! Here’s my roll of the dice :)
  38. Gena Tinnon says:
    I will use mine for some school supplies for the kids :)
  39. Erin Lawrence says:
    I would love to use it to get my daughter a last minute stocking stuffer!
  40. Martha Van Mulligen says:
    I would give it to my hubby. He always shops on amazon!
  41. I will give it to my son :)
  42. rachel stephens says:
    Somehing for my kiddos! <3 I love you Ashlyn, Ariel, Hannah, Ethan, Anthony, Emmy and Joseph!!! :)
  43. lauren barrett says:
    I will spend it on my two kids. Probably towards that tangled dvd my kids love :)
  44. Buy screen protectors for my fancy new phone!
  45. I’d buy some books. I need more. I always need more lol
  46. i want to get this gift for my sister but it is kind of out of my price range and every little bit would help!!! Hope I win, thanks for the chance!!!!
  47. i will put it towards my next amazon purchase.
  48. Bianca Roman says:
    I will put it towards a Xbox 360 with Kinect!!!

    Thank you!

  49. I’ll probably buy another book for my little guy!
  50. Bridget Heiple Reich says:
    I have $15 to Amazon right now, I’m just trying to get to $25 for free shipping, so this would be awesome!! :)
  51. michell dunlap says:
    save it with the rest of my egifts to buy me a kindle!
  52. Would probably use it toward an ipad! :)
  53. Misti Taliercio says:
    I would get my husband a new cover for his phone. :)
  54. Christina J. says:
    I will use the $5 AGC toward a case for my daughter’s new Kindle she’s getting from Grandma for Christmas.
  55. It would go towards a new coffee pot for me.
  56. music for my new iphone!!
  57. jodi leah baird says:
    i would use it: i have got all my christmas done that i can before it is i am now saving my amazon money for me a computer of some sort.mine broke about 6 months ago and i having to barrow the in laws when they sleep or i really want another maybe by this time next year i will have another one.thank you for chance to add to my puter fund :) merry christmas!!
  58. Linda Heyde says:
    Toward something for our new home
  59. Fern Lehmann says:
    I will use it to buy a Thermophone moist heating pad!
  60. Elizabeth Lamont says:
    I will put it toward a last minute Christmas gift.
  61. I would use the GC to buy something for the baby girl on the way – our first girl after 2 boys, we’re very exctited!
  62. It would probably go towards my monthly gluten free food purchase. Thanks!
  63. tammy smith says:
    since christmas shipping is over, i will save it to go towards the tv im going to try to get for my fiance for his bday in june
  64. Hopefully there is something that can be bought for $5 im not sure what id buy yet. maybe give it to the hubby he buys more on amazon than i do
  65. Will use this to scope out last minute gift deals!
  66. Kimberly O. says:
    I would put it towards a last minute gift. Hope it can still arrive by Dec 24th 😀
  67. kim johnson says:
    put it towards an ipad
  68. cheryl payne says:
    Save it towards my son’s Birthday gift in February.
  69. I will buy a book
  70. purchase a toy for my niece’s birthday
  71. Use it towards some last minute deals.
  72. Probably give it to my youngest son for a game …
  73. Julie Lynn Bickham says:
    I would save it towards a Birthday present for my daughter, her birthday is 4 weeks after Christmas.
  74. Danielle Davis/Grady says:
    I wld put it towards some toys for my boys :)
  75. Rebbekka Howard says:
    I would probably put it towards a gift for my son. It would probably not get here for Christmas but that would be alright just as long as he got it lol. Hes only 1 so he wont know the difference haha. Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays:)
  76. I’d get the Steve Jobs bio for my kindle.
  77. Hope Holland says:
    Id save it until I bulid up some more then find something I really Like
  78. crystal light – obsessed!
  79. Debra Hinson Sauvageau says:
    I will save it until I have enough to buy my 75 year old mom a heater :)
  80. cathleen green says:
    I would put it towards my father-in-laws upcoming birthday present!!
  81. I’d use the gift card to buy myself an early birthday present!
  82. I would use it to buy a late x-mas present.
  83. Honey Horn says:
    We finally decided to get a Wii this year, so I would use
    the card to get games or accessories.
  84. I’ll probably buy some yarn or a book or use it toward another gift I have yet to send.
  85. Jennifer Hedden says:
    I will put it toward a gift for my niece’s birthday present.
  86. Tawnya Higgins says:
    I will put the $5.00 Amazon gift card to use buy helping pay for things for my daughter for her 1 year birthday. We don’t have much and this would be a great help.
  87. kindle book.
  88. With this gift card I will use it to help save up for a small birthday present for my friend!
  89. Lori Scheirer says:
    If i win i will put it toward something for my kids!
  90. I would put it toward a ReChargeable Shaver for Hubbie or a New Camera, as he broke his when he dropped it at the Kiddo’s Christmas Play Last Night! Bummer…lol…luck I was video-taping it!

    Have A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

  91. A kindle book :)
  92. I will use it to buy what I need that Santa forgets to bring me.
  93. I am going to get something nice for my mom. :)
  94. save it
  95. I really need baby socks and onesies for my little boy due in Jan.
  96. jenifer weller says:
    i will use it for something for my kids
  97. Carol Tipler says:
    I would use it to buy a DVD for my Kindergarten class.
  98. Carol Tipler says:
    I would buy a DVD for my kindergarten class.
  99. brandy boone says:
    i will put it towards my Keurig!! TY for the chance
  100. I’d put it towards DVD purchase
  101. Amanda Sakovitz says:
    i will use for a new book!
  102. I would buy a new book for my child

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