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Get $20.00 for FREE! Takes less than 5 minutes!!

I posted this last week and I just have to report back that I already got my debit card in the mail and when I checked my balance I had already received my $20!!  I love FREE Money!  Make sure to sign up – there is no cost to you!  I actually sent invites to my whole family …. and they too got their FREE $20!! Sweet Deal!

  • Sign up for a FREE Serve account. This is sort of like paypal. It lets you organize your money, send and receive funds, and manage payment requests and is owned by American Express.
  • Click on the verification email they sent you to verify your account. Then, enter pin code. Check your spam folder…
  • You will get a FREE $10 bonus instantly (see photo below)

Here is a photo of the dashboard after I signed up. Not bad for just a minutes worth of work!!

I am not sure how long the promotion is going on so if you want the FREE $10.00 you should do it quickly!

Now if you want to make an extra $10.00, Go here to play the Money Mover game! You will need to answer one trivia question correctly and you’ll get yourself another FREE $10! Keep playing until you get a correct answer and enter your email address! I was able to get the first answer correct (with the help of Google!)

Within the next business day you will get directions on how to claim your FREE $10.00!

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