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Flash Giveaway – $5.00 Amazon E-Card!!


Who doesn’t love a good giveaway especially when its something you can use (or save up for a bigger item)!! Shopper’s Haul is giving away a $5.00 Amazon E-Card to one lucky reader!!! Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter Form to be entered in this giveaway!!!

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  1. I look for pet care deals!!
  2. Nikki woodsum zimmer says:
    I usually look at the home page first to see if anything catches my eye. Then, I look for the specific item I want/need. Usually either shoes or electronics.
  3. happy holidays
  4. Hadlee Goldberg says:
    thx for giveaway
  5. Michelle Plummer says:
    Normally look for video game stuff on Amazon
  6. Roshina Loving says:
    I like the lightening deals at Amazon.
  7. Kirstin Smith says:
    I look for all sorts of things. handbags, cleaning supplies, coffee, everything
  8. Kitty Randles says:
    I look for electronics and shoes!!
  9. i would like to get kindle fire from amazon, thanks
  10. I like to look for discounts on books, both for adults and children.
  11. Lisa Lee Cook says:
    stuff for my daughters
  12. I love Amazon codes for the Instant Videos… watching Sons Of Anarchy never been so easy
  13. Mostly stuff for school..i’m in nursing school right now :<
  14. Nicole Larsen says:
    Toy and kitchen deals!
  15. Casey Everidge says:
    i like to look for anything cheap… im a fan of finding random stuff! anything and everything!
  16. I enjoy looking for toys and household items at better peices than anywhere else!
  17. Leslie Smith says:
    I like to look for household supplies
  18. Betty Curran says:
    I shop for housewares, linens and computer accessories on Amazon.
  19. deals with free shipping, high seller ratings, etc. Things like supplements
  20. Cheryl Abdelnour says:
    I look for bath and body deals and look at the deals of the day.
  21. I like to look for books and movie deals most of the time.

  22. Blu-ray deals
  23. Julie Lynn Bickham says:
    I look for mostly video games on Amazon.
  24. I love Amazon and use it for books, toys, music, movies, camera equipment, computer parts, and even clothes!
  25. I look for deals on books
  26. Holly Thomas says:
    Cat Treats,Coffee & Tea,stuff that i can put on subscribe and save. :)
  27. I only go to Amazon when you list something for free or a really good deal!
  28. Sarah Welte says:
    trying to get items from my babies’ registry cheaper on amazon….and of course FREE shipping!
  29. I look for toy deals and subscribe and save deals on tp, coffee, paper towels, cereal, etc.
  30. La Nora Richardson says:
    Ink for my printer!
  31. Free shipping. K Cups.
  32. I look for deals involving jewelery and health and beauty. Sometimes I look for toys for my kids as well!
  33. I usually love their subscribe and save service.
  34. I’m an avid reader, so I’m always looking for good deals on books and/or reading devices.
  35. Kellye McGarrah says:
    Anything and everything! I love! :)
  36. shoes deals!
  37. Anything for my kids!
  38. I love Amazon’s free shipping and lowest prices
  39. Christina Perry says:
    I love finding a good electronics deal.
  40. Holly Hennessy Swint says:
    I look for deals that are 75% off or more of the regular price
  41. potstickers says:
    I look for sales on video games and books.
  42. Oh, I browse around. When I look for one thing, I end up finding another and buying it.., lol
  43. Cheryl Barnett Saves says:
    Books and ink
  44. I look for household items and baby stuff! Love Amazon!
  45. Tara Hargis says:
    I look for electronics and cell phone excessories
  46. tracy voit says:
    I look for stuff for the kids and hubby.
  47. Megan Moore says:
    toys, and randon stuff
  48. Jolene Howes says:
    I look for kids toys and electronics
  49. Tiffany Brake says:
    Stuff for my daughter
  50. lauren barrett says:
    Anything and everything for my little kids :) its all about them and I love it :) happy holidays everyone!
  51. I like to look for deals on toys for my kids.
  52. Deals with good prices!
  53. Robin Kirk Murphy says:
    I mostly look for toys or books for my kindle. I generally know the normal prices so I can know when it’s a good deal.
  54. Good deals on just about anything I could use!
  55. Barbara Runions says:
    As of late, I am looking for a really good deal on a printer. Mine is on its last leg and heaven forbid I can not print coupons! lol
  56. heather miller says:
    Pretty much anything i need that is cheap.
  57. Sally Guillen says:
    Anything that I can use at home and is a super great deal!
  58. deals on baby stuff, cloth diapers would be the best
  59. i have purchased numerous items off Amazon, including textbooks, cat window seats, and presents for most everyone in my family….Amazon has everything
  60. Jackie Griebel says:
    Book deals
  61. John Joseph says:
    e-books they sell some for only 99 cents
  62. Christine Sapp says:
    I always look for deals with free shipping or their 4 for 3 promotion.
  63. Danielle Davis/Grady says:
    Mostly toy deals!
  64. Angela Cisco says:
    Anything, but mostly stuff for the kids.
  65. I like to look for good deals on Blu-Ray dvd’s, toys and cameras.
  66. Good ones! LOL I usually look for stuff for my kiddos!
  67. how nice thank you4
  68. Juli Guthrie says:
    I usually look for toy deals when on Amazon, since I have 3 little boys!
  69. Diana Lynch says:
    Toys and electronics
  70. electronics
  71. christina serrano says:
    free shipping!
  72. Phyllisha O. says:
    I’m a big fan of book and movie deals :)
  73. The cheapest stuff I can get :)
  74. toy deals for my kids
  75. LaDonna Buis says:
    I love looking for really cheap deals on toys for the kids or electronics or technology items… :)
  76. darlene olvera says:
    anything grocery related or household goods such as toilet paper or laundry detergent
  77. Crystal Oring says:
    I’m always looking for a good deal on Lego Duplo toys for my kids.
  78. Deals on books.
  79. Heather McCormick says:
    I love looking gor deal for my Goddaughters.. Games, Crafts, Etc.
  80. Kathleen Quinlan says:
  81. Brittanie Blokker-Brandt says:
    childrens dvds are super cheap and since they tend todestroy them anyways why not get em used and cheap!
  82. Balerie Brown says:
    I like looking for home decor for my home.
  83. Kristen Theriot says:
    Sales on music downloads and new albums! And I get all my textbooks from Amazon!
  84. brittney mason says:
  85. diane grubbs says:
  86. Millie Rojas says:
    I look for random. Electronics, Diapers, Cleaning supplies, and etc. I look for the best deals.
  87. Alisha Fulton says:
    My kids
  88. Pets items for my little puppy! Since he cant do the shopping himself, i will help him do the shopping! ^_^
  89. Jessica Smith says:
    Toys for the kids, or any kind of gift.
  90. caitlyn collins says:
    Diaper deals!
  91. Everything I buy online, I compare prices to amazon. Benefit…no taxes, and usually free shipping nearly 100%. Love amazon!
  92. the cheapest! lol
  93. Maureen Carlson says:
    I love the free book downloads
  94. Kristin Robinson says:
    I look for all the good deals something We can use or have been waiting to go on sale lately its been for my daughters
  95. holly allen says:
    I always look at the shipping costs first! Some can be a little pricey


  96. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:
    Right now I’m on the hunt for deals on toys!!
  97. Usually things for the kiddos!
  98. I’m new to Amazon shopping. I’m not sure what I would get. Probably something for my kids!

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