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Wireless Internet on the Go!

While waiting at the airport I receive a phone call from my boss telling me the scope of our proposal has changed.  Normally this would mean I have to pay those exorbitant airport fees so I can get connected to my work email before my flight.  With Clear Wireless Internet I can take high-speed connectivity with me where ever I go.  I can download my attachments and work on the plane.

After the plane lands it’s off to the meeting.  I again use my Clear Wireless Internet to upload my revised proposal and check for any last-minute instructions from the office.  Not being a slave to finding the nearest hotspot I enter the meeting up to date and well prepared.  It’s no surprise that we land the bid thanks to my fast and convenient mobile internet.

Now, as I wait the few hours for my return flight home I again use my Clear Wireless Internet. This time however it’s for me.  I pass the time by watching my favorite television shows and emailing my family.  Another successful day thanks to Clear the leader in 4G wireless internet.


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