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How to Ruin Couponing For Others by Heather

Heather is another blogger and friend of mine who has the blog Bubba & Mack!  She wrote this awesome reminder and I asked her if I could share it with my readers and fans!!

For me couponing has become a very important part of my family and has allowed us to actually start having a little more money at the end of each month…so to have it ruined because people don’t follow the rules would be something that would not only affect me in a negative way but also may others!!

Take a minute to read this brief reminder…and thank you Heather!  After you read this post, I’d love to get your feedback!!

This post was written by Heather on October 24, 2011

One of my best bloggy friends out there got a very disturbing call today from a local Walmart store.  As near as we can tell, the customers in question mentioned her site or her Facebook page, because how else did they know it was her site that gave the person the info for this coupon??  Apparently, the customer photocopied a coupon in order to receive more sample products with an overage.  Now, we all love money makers, but this person stole more than just the overage!

You may not realize it if you’re new to couponing, but photocopying an internet printable coupon is considered theft!  Most of these coupons have a little code on them that is unique to each print, so it’s easy to tell if it’s a photocopy or not.  Want to raise your chances of getting caught?  Use 20 of them!  I can’t say for certain, but I would feel safe in assuming that every time you use a large number of printables, you’re flagging that cashier’s coupon stack for an audit.  The managers are going to look and they will catch on!

So, if you want to make sure no one else can use printables anymore and that this awesome service goes away, by all means, keep running to the copy machine!  But if you like being able to print coupons and use them, be happy with the two per computer that most services allow and be done with it!

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  1. Alissa Lease says:
    Oh my! That’s no good! I just love getting my 2 litte freebies whenever I head out for Walmart. The little flashlights made my baby smile and was perfect timing for Halloween. It’s terrible that some people keep giving couponing a bad rep. Not that it was the bloggers issue, everything is pretty clear as far as being able to print each coupon twice. Awhile back I was concerned with brick coupons, because I wasn’t sure how many times you could print those. I think I’ll just stick with the 2 for everything.
    • Hi Alissa … I always follow the rule to print 2 per computer that way you know you are following the guidelines. Couponing is definitely something that helps so many people I hope people take a minute to remember the simple policies!
  2. Wow! I guess I would not think of photo copying coupons, even before I knew that they have some little print code on them ( I honestly didn’t know that til recently) But still…wouldn’t you feel like it is wrong sending a coupon through your printer/copier and copying it 10 times or whatever?? People really take for granted being able to print off internet coupons. My local small grocery store will NOT take any internet printed ones…I can see why now by reading this! I do notice that when I have more than 10-15 q’s that the cashier looks at me funny…Makes me feel like I am wrong when I follow internet print guidelines and stick to a “normal” number for same item q’s and what not… thank you for the post, it helps everyone be more aware!
    • Hi Melanie, a few of the stores by me will not take printable coupons either…and this is the reason why. I love the internet printables – they offer some variation and many times are a little higher then the Sunday coupon inserts so I gladly follow the rule of 2 per computer. I too hope people read this post and just take a few minutes to remember couponing is a privilege.

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