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JCPenney: Levi’s Messenger Bags Only $19.99


Imelda Marcos had her hundreds of pairs of shoes I have handbags!  I do not have hundreds of handbags, but I have to admit it I am a handbag junkie!  My husband has said to me from time to time that maybe I should “get rid of some of those handbags in my closet” and I just look at him like he has lost his mind! It would be like me telling him to “get rid some of those tools you have in the garage”!

I guess if you think about it my handbags and my husband’s tools although very different, do serve the same purpose, I have a handbag for every occassion and he has a tool for every household repair. 

Although I do have a lot of handbags, I never pay full price and I one way I do it is to shop online with — best online shopping portal for cash back, coupons, bargains, deals, savings because they always have great deals AND I earn cashback which is awesome!  I love knowing that when I am shopping I am making money at the same time that I can use on future “hauls” which  means my hard earned money is doing double duty! 

Right now this bag is marked down from $70.00 to $19.99 plus you will get 3% cash back for just making the purchase and if you haven’t yet signed up for, make sure to do so and you will also get a $5.00 credit just for joining!  Don’t miss this  HOT DEAL HERE!

Don’t forget to checkout the Messenger bags for kids, This one is so cute and is only $8.99!!  Take your 3% cash back and $5.00 credit if you are new to and you have your self an awesome deal!!


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