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Lillian Vernon: WILD DEAL of the Day! Save 84% on Block Set ($3.99) + $3.99 Shipping*!

I saw this Wild Deal of the Day offer by Lillian Vernon for a set of  Wood-look Soft Blocks made of soft high-density foam for only $3.99, which is the cost of shipping and wanted to bring it to you immediately! 
I wish they made soft blocks when my three children were young!  I cannot count the number of times I stepped on wooden blocks scattered about on my living room floor and hopping on one foot while clutching the other and howling in pain or better yet, my daughter Ashely throwing a block at my son Austin’s head and both of them sobbing! Is this ringing any bells?
With the Holidays upon us I am looking for the ususal store “hauls” but I am also watching the online deals closely, snagging bargains AND GETTING CASH BACK through!
My ultimate dream is to have all of my Christmas shopping done before the last minute rush and avoid overcrowded stores with thousands of cranky people lined up at the register! 
In this economy it is tougher than ever for us parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to be Santa for our children. We don’t want to disappoint which can lead to stress and take the joy out of the Holidays. This is exactly what we don’t want to have happen since the Holidays are all about family and should be joyous and fun!
I understand completely because I am a mother of three older children and it seems like the older they get the more expensive the gifts become. I try to shop as much as possible in advance and one way I do it is to shop online with — best online shopping portal for cash back, coupons, bargains, deals, savings because they always have great deals AND I earn cashback which is awesome!  I love knowing that when I am shopping I am making money at the same time that I can use on future “hauls” which  means my hard earned money is doing double duty!
If you haven’t yet signed up for yet, make sure to do so — in order to take advantage of this awesome deal and on top of it, you will also get a $5.00 credit just for joining!  Don’t miss this WILD DEAL HERE!


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