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Target: Rolling Catalina for WONKA!

Remember the Wonka bars that I posted about earlier this week HERE …well the deal gets even better. The Catalina rolls!! Woot, Woot!  Yep – that means FREE Chocolate!!

You can purchase the first Wonka Bar and you will receive a Catalina for a FREE one!!

Then buy another Wonka Bar and use your FREE Catalina to get the second one FREE.  You will still get another Catalina at checkout for another FREE bar!!  This means that you can use the Catalina’s for as many Wonka Bars as you want and stock up on Wonka Chocolate while only paying for the first bar!

My husband’s favorite Wonka Bar is the Milk Chocolate Dome!!

Remember – you will have to purchase the first Wonka Bar (for around $2.09) but then every other bar will be FREE!!

Thanks, Krazy Coupon Lady!

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