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Got Inserts? Time to Get rid of Expireds!

If you are like me and buy multiple copies of inserts each week in order to get the best deals when they come around, you probably have a stack just sitting around taking up space.  Here is a list of inserts that you can throw away because the last coupon expired on June 30th.   If you have stores in the area that use expired coupons – you may keep them but here in Illinois there aren’t stores by me that actually take expired coupons.

Which Insert Insert Expired
01-02 R2 06/30/11
01-30 S 06/30/11
02-06 RP 06/30/11
03-20 RP 06/30/11
03-27 RP 06/30/11
03-27 S2 06/30/11
05-01 PG 06/30/11
05-01 Target 06/30/11
10-10 S 06/30/11
11-07 S 06/30/11
11-14 S 06/30/11
12-05 RP 06/30/11

See other coupons that expired?  Let me know and I’ll update the list.  If you would rather not throw away your expired coupons, you can always donate them to the Military.  Many Commisaries allow their Military families to use expired coupons.  For more details click HERE!

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