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Operation Christmas Child 2011

You know, the one thing about couponing that I have learned is that not only can I help my family, I can help other people at the same time!!  Its an amazing thing to see what a few coupons can do.

I have been looking for a way to help and have seen the website for Operation Christmas Child on several blogs and after reading all about it and how I can help…I decided that this is something I would like to be part of and thought I’d share it with all of you…my readers!

You know, that many of the items we can place inside a shoebox to help other people are FREE at drugstores or very inexpensive.  Imagine filling shoeboxes with items that people NEED without it costing you a dime.  I would love for everyone to reach out and help one person…imagine if we could all just touch one life…by filling a shoebox!

If you are interested in participating in this …please send me an email – I’d love to hear from you.

You can start by:

  1. Get an empty shoe box or purchase a plastic shoe storage box at a Dollar Store;
  2. Print out a label for your shoebox to determine whether you will be buying for a Girl or a Boy and then check off the age range you would like to buy for.
  3. As you shop at Walmart, Kmart or Target, be sure to check out the $1 section for great small gifts for children in your child’s age range. Dollar Tree or Family Dollar is another great store for $1 items like YoYo’s, puzzles, coloring books, balls, etc.  You can even use money you get for coupon overage at Walmart to help fill your box for no money out of pocket.  If you shop right…you can help without spending a lot of money.


By November, you should have a filled box! And you probably will not have paid much more than $5 for it. The next thing will be to drop it off at one of Operation Christmas Child’s Drop Off Locations. Just look HERE for one near you. (This list will be generated toward the end of the year with national drop-off day around mid-November.)

Here are just a few items that you can place inside of an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox and often times you will be able to get them for FREE or very cheap.

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Bar Soap (mild varieties such as Dove, Olay, etc.)
  • School Supplies (i.e., colored pencils, crayons, pencils, small pencil sharpeners, markers)
  • Batteries for Flashlights
  • Hard Candies, Gum, Mints, etc. (Not out-of-date)


Click HERE for some tips from Operation Christmas Child on what type of items can be included in a shoebox – as well as what should not be included.  All it takes is one shoebox to reach a child with the Gospel!

If you would like to participate in Operation Christmas Child, please leave me a comment. I’m excited about being to help and can only imagine what a few of us couponers can do!!

It truly is a wonderful thing to be able to have a stockpile and also help someone else!!


  1. Nancy Wilson says:
    I am so touched by this idea of helping families! It is inspiring! I would LOVE to participate! I don’t see any locations for the midwest or individually by state. Where can I find that information? Thank-you for posting this! Anytime of year, it isn’t what we have, it’s what we can do for others and I want to teach my children and involve them!
    • Marianne says:
      Hi Nancy … thank you. It truly is about helping other people!

      For the Operation Christmas Child there is a drop off during the month of November in the Midwest. They indicated to me that they have drop-off locations in Illinois only during one specific week of the year. This week is called their National Collection Week, and churches around the country open up their doors to receive shoe boxes from their area. This year, National Collection Week is November 14-21 (so we have till 11/14-21 to get our boxes ready). The drop-off locations will be listed on their website closer to that time. Drop-off locations are provided in all 50 states, but because drop-off locations change yearly, they can’t provide us with exact details right now. I will update the site as I found out the drop off locations but for now…planning on making the boxes is the key!

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