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Walgreens, Jewel and CVS Haul (5/15)

Total Cost of items before Coupons and Discounts: $185.72

Total Cost out of pocket for items after coupons and discounts: $46.70

Extra Care Bucks and Jewel Catalina’s Received: $28.00

Total $$ Spent: $18.70

One thing I have learned about shopping with coupons is that I shop differently – very rarely is my cart not filled with multiples of the same item.  People look at me very strange sometimes when my cart is full of the same item — but I’ve learned this is how we are saving money.  We have learned to buy items at their lowest price – which means saving the most money we can.

Yesterday, I stopped in at Walgreens, Jewel and CVS to do some shopping.  I had to run to two Jewel’s and 2 Walgreens because both stores were limited with the items they had.  If I would have had more time, I would have shopped a little more but I was on a time schedule!!

I ended up with the following items for my 5/15 shop:

9 – Scott Paper Towels
9 – Scott Individual Toilet Paper
22 – Bags of Chips / Pretzels
11 – 2 Liter Bottles of Sierra Mist Soda
2 – Packs Paper Plates
8 – Right Guard Men’s Body Wash (raincheck item)
2 – Bags of Skittles (one of my filler items…)
2 – Nutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sun Block 30spf
24 – Scotch Tape

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  1. great deals! how much did you pay for the scott paper towels and what coupon did you use?
    • Marianne says:
      There were no coupons for this deal. It was a catalina deal at Jewel. One roll of paper towel and one roll of toilet paper cost $2.39 and we received back a $2.00 catalina from Jewel to use on the next transaction. So my total was .39 !! It was a sweet deal!

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