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Coupon Questions? Ask Here!

Reader Anna sent me an email today and asked for a spot where everyone can go to ask questions.  I thought that was a great idea – this way there is one central spot for all types of couponing questions.  So, whether you are a new couponer or a seasoned pro, if you have a question this is the place to come!!

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  1. Melaina says:
    Hi Marianne,

    I have a question regarding the Ultra / Pepsi deal. The sale is for 4 – 12pk Pepsi and the coupon is for 2 – 18pk, 20pk or 24pk Pepsi. How will this work? Will they use the coupon for the 12pk’s?


    • Marianne says:
      Hi Melaina

      The second set of numbers on the coupon barcode is the Family Code. If there is three zeros on the coupon it usually means you can use the coupon for any

      product in that brand. In this case – the 2nd set of numbers on the bar code is 00051. This means it should work on any Pepsi product. Obviously nothing is 100% full-proof and sometimes the dreaded scanner beeps!

      Just to be sure that this worked…I went out and did it tonight at Walmart — I had no trouble price matching and the coupon worked without any trouble. My total for 4-12 packs of Pepsi was $5.37 (including tax).

      We will stock up definitely since $1.34 for a 12-pk is an awesome price!! Remember, the coupon expires 5/21!!

      Have other questions…just let me know!


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