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Walgreens Haul 5/1

Boy – I just love shopping at WAGS!!  I didn’t have too much time on Sunday to shop but I did want to make sure I was able to get in on the Noxzema Razors that were making $1.00 so I did about 30 transactions in about 2 hours.  Most of the items I purchased were Register Reward items so most of my products actually made money or ended up being free.

I ended up with 30 Noxzema Razors (not all pictured), 4 Fushion Pro-Glides, 4 Right Guard Body Wash, 3 Gum-Eez, 3 Boxes of Sour Patch Kids (my weekness)!

Total Cost out of Pocket: $54.00
Total Savings: $178.00
Total Register Rewards Received: $84.00
PROFIT: $30.00

I so love making money while shopping!!

You too can make money while shopping…if you are interested in learning how to shop this way …host a coupon party at your home or church!!  For more information send an email to

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