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~Coupon Classes~


Do you want to cut your grocery bill by 60-70% per month?

Do you want to save money but still be able to stock up?

Do you want to build a savings account without having to make more money?

Just today while I was in line at Walgreens doing several of my transactions….a lady behind me commented and said “nice job with your coupons”.  I sort of chuckled and said “Oh, I totally love couponing and it is really pretty easy once you get the hang of it”.  She the told me that it was too complicated and confusing and that she didn’t really save all that much when she did clip one or two coupons.

WOW – I guess that is the perception most people actually have about couponing .. a lot of work for very little savings!  This is so not true.   Not only do you save a lot of money using coupons and matching them with the local sales, you can also make money using coupons at many of the stores.

If you, your church or organization is interested in hosting a coupon class send me an email at: for more details.

Learning how to coupon shop will not only help you and your family have more for so much less, it will also help your savings account grow without actually making more money!  What could be better than stocking and saving at the same time?

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