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Walgreens & Wal-Mart Haul – Net Profit of $149

My first trip today was to Wal-Mart…I bought:

100 – Similac Ready to Feed (Sensitive for Spit Up) – $3.84 each
18  – Nivea Body Wash (9 men & 9 women) – $3.00 each
17 – Dove Men’s Deoderant – $3.97 each (but price matched to CVS for $0.99)
Total before Coupons: $455.00

Coupons Used:
100 – $5.00 / 1 – Similac
18 – $3.00 / 1 Nivea
17 – $1.00 / 1 Men’s Deoderant
Total Cost Out of Pocket: None + Received $120 overage

Wal-Mart paid me $120 to purchase all the above product! A customer behind me asked if what I did was legal — since the stored paid me to shop … and the Manager politely said, yes – she had coupons which meant the manufacturer was paying for me to buy the product!  How nice is that!

My second trip was to Walgreens…I bought:

16 – Stayfree Maxi Pads – $47.94
10 – Splenda – $29.90
Total before Coupons: $77.84

Coupons Used:
16 – $1.00 / 1 Stayfree Maxi Pads
10 – $3.00 / 1 Splenda
Total Cost out of Pocket: $31.94 and Received $61 in Register Rewards

So, all in all I ended up netting a profit of $149 which I will use at Jewel when I do my grocery shopping this week and groceries won’t cost me anything.  The last time I actually paid for groceries (out of pocket – with real cash without using Register Rewards) was in early February.  Since then, I’ve only paid with Register Rewards from rolling my transactions each week and making money at Walgreens.

Now, you might be thinking…what do I do with the extra product?   Many times we will donate or sell  the items we don’t need or use.  If the food pantry and shelter’s don’t take the items (sometimes they don’t) then we have to either just give it away or sell it.  Our garage sale this year is going to look very different then past years!  There are various other outlets to  – get rid of stockpiles.  I know I have people at work who always tell me they would rather pay me $1.00 for something then pay full price … they just don’t want to be bothered by coupon clipping but are happy to pay much less for the product.

Every person’s shopping habits are different — and you may not feel the need to shop to this extent — but for me and my family it has given us an opportunity to be fully stocked with groceries and personal care products and at the same time save money while doing so!  For me, its a win-win!

If you have questions or comments – please post I’d love to hear from you.  If you’ve done a deal recently and you want to share it – please post away – we’d love to hear from you.


  1. did walmart give you cash or a giftcard for the overage?
    • For this particular visit I actually had them give me cash. Sometimes I will have them give me a gift card, it just depends on my mood. I totally love Wal-marts new coupon policy!! 😉

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