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80% off Restaurant Gift Certificates!! has a new code that will save you 80% on your purchase. Just Use Code: EASTER to save 80% off the already discounted prices.  The coupons do NOT expire!

I’ve bought several of these and we have been able to try places we wouldn’t normally have gone to because they are too expensive.  With this coupon — we get to pay much less!!  So, now, we don’t leave home without a coupon in the car, so if we decide to eat out – we can always use a coupon!

Just make sure you read the fine print.  For example this offer has to be used on a minimum purchase of $35 and there is an 18% Gratuity added before the discount. But it still makes for a great deal! There are also some great online partners, but again read the fine print because the online retailers often have a higher minimum purchase.

See all the Restaurants available in your area here.



  1. Some other fine print that is common with coupons…

    – Often doesn’t cover alcohol purchases
    – Minimum Purchases aren’t always $35, sometimes they are more or less depending on the value of the coupon

    • Marianne says:
      Chris, thank’s for stopping by my site Shopper’s Haul I have actually purchased the coupons for use on orders of $20 even. That way you don’t always have to always spend $35 at the restaurant. The coupon always makes for a great deal…plus you really do get to try places that you may not have tried before. A win-win for both the restaurant and the customer.

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